So you've created a great business - now what?

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You may be a serial entrepreneur but most business owners have built just the one business during their careers and are therefore not familiar with the end-game: how to exit.

All humans have to exit at one point in time. As do agency owners. Whether or not that point is now, owners should know the 10 lessons we've distilled from years of concluded or abandoned deals; knowing them and acting on them can increase the day-to-day performance of your agency and enhance its valuation demonstrably.

A very critical point is picking the right exit timing. Many owners define their anticipated retirement year as a target date for a simple and very understandable reason: they look at the potential proceeds from the sale to allow them a comfortable life style after quitting work. Yet when they discover that they should have started the sale process at least five years before that date it is often too late to change. The "Now What" question can then lead to an unpleasant awekening.